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Image processing - OCR, ICR and document classification – is at the very core of what we do. It's our passion. Our specialty.

Moving your data online is just a matter of time. AJD will help you get there. 

Image processing – OCR, ICR and document classification – is at the very core of what we do. It’s our passion. Our specialty. We offer the most advanced, high-volume document capture services available. It’s been the heart of our business for decades.

Why not replace your manual paper process with online data access? We help companies – big and small – eliminate paper and increase productivity and space. Eliminate paper at the point of entry and turn your documents into safe, secure, searchable images online. And reduce the cost associated with paper storage and processing. What’s more, AJD enables automation and processing by tying your service needs to your organization’s business and applications. Seamless. Paperless. Clutter-free.

“I had 6 filing cabinets full of documents. It was difficult to find what we needed and we had no back up plan if there was a flood or fire. AJD came and picked up all our files, and scanned and indexed them. Now when I need a file I search it online and it comes up automatically with no  worry of floods or fires.”
- Calvin Herst

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