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Mail! Making sure every document is delivered to the right person, at the right time, and acted upon accordingly can be overwhelming. All businesses handle correspondence. Invoices, applications, HR forms and more. Possibly hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail enter and exit your business each day. Maybe more.

Why not outsource your mail room? You’ll gain a fully secure mail room that can receive high volumes of mail, convert it into a digital format and archive it. And distribute it to the appropriate resources or business. Imagine, all your mail taken care of for you.

AJD can transform your mail room into a digital processing centre. We open the mail, scan the contents, and classify each document. Then we distribute each item to the appropriate resource, or required content management, ERP, archive, or legacy system. We can process hundreds of documents per minute! And easily match your peak processing requirements and provide effective management and reporting through dashboard tools and audit functionality.

"Opening and sorting mail everyday is costing your company time and money. By outsourcing your mail room you save money and increase efficiency."

AJD’s mail processing is no traditional mailroom. Our clients can also choose convenient add-on services such as processing supplier invoices or even extracting customer data from application forms. Our expertise makes it easy to find substantial savings. Information gets distributed faster. Responses are automatically activated. All of a sudden, your customer issues are quickly resolved.




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