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Are your documents safe in the event of a flood, fire, or other natural disaster? How easy is it for your employees to find, view, and manage historical documents? What if your employees are located off-site?

Safeguard your data and free up office space by archiving your documents with us.

Where do you keep your most valuable business documents? Is there a chance fire, flood or another disaster could destroy them? Are they taking up valuable square footage better used for something – or someone – else?

Companies who handle large document volumes can benefit from our remote image capture and archive services. Electronic archiving eases disaster recovery, protects historical records, fulfills compliance retention requirements, increases audit readiness, and enables better control of document distribution. It also frees up space.

Eliminate the risks of most paper-based systems. Access information more quickly and simply. How does it work?

First, your employees scan and upload documents from any location. We’ll extract the data with our advanced capture technology, and store it as an electronic file in a central hosted archive. Then, imagine. Employees around the world access your documents through an easy-to-use, web-based interface. No more manual searches. No more waiting and frustration. No more courier charges. What once took hours, now takes seconds. Including printing, emailing and faxing documents – right from the file. Your employees will love you!



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